Why has physical therapy become a standard routine after surgery and even before surgery? It was not always a standard, but now more and more people are becoming aware of this option as they recover from their injuries. Physical therapy helps people, no matter the age, who are coming back from injuries or illnesses that hinder and limit their usual ability to function. A physical therapy program geared toward your specific issue has the ability to help you return to your original level of functioning and capability before your surgery, all the while encouraging activities and changes that could prevent injuries in the future. So, going back to the question: what exactly makes physical therapy so crucial and why has it become a standard routine? Perhaps the answer is the immense amount of benefits that physical therapy can provide for a recovering patient

1. Physical therapy has the ability to reduce and possibly eliminate pain altogether

How great does that sound!? Most people don’t like to be in pain. Therapeutic exercises such as joint and soft tissue mobilization and various forms of stretches can go a long way in mitigation of pain and restoration of muscle and joint function. These exercises and forms of therapy can even prevent the pain form returning

2. It can increase and improve mobility

As people age, it is completely natural and common that their muscles and joints weaken. They might have trouble walking, standing, and moving. Physical therapy can help with that too. Stretching and forms of strengthening exercises can help restore the ability to move. A physical therapist can develop a personal care plan, geared towards your troubles, to ensure that you can resume whatever activity that is important to you.

3. Physical therapy can help you recover from and even prevent sports injuries

Physical therapists understand how different sports have the potential to cause certain injuries. They can assess your injury and find a proper recovery path or prevention exercise to guarantee a safe return to your sport.

4. Physical therapy manages age-related problems that may arise

Older individuals may develop joint issues such as arthritis or osteoporosis, or might need a joint replacement. Physical therapists are professionals when it comes to helping patients recover from joint replacements and will guarantee a healthy path to restoration.

5. It even has the power to improve your balance!

Going through surgery surely takes a toll on the body. No doubt about that. Balance may be off, muscles are debilitated, and joints are a bit sore. At the start of therapy, you will be tested for fall risk. If you are at high risk for falls, therapists will prepare a program that provide exercises that safely challenge your balance to slowly improve coordination and reduce or eliminate dizziness.

With these benefits in mind, it is safe to say that physical therapy has more pros than cons, so why not go for it and ensure your safety and wellbeing afterwards? If you’re afraid of discomfort, do not fret. Reboundwear’s comfortable and stylish athletic attire can ensure that you feel great and look great while rebuilding your body once step at a time.



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