If you’re going to hit the slopes this season it’s worth getting your body conditioned ahead of time in order to avoid super sore muscles and injury.
For skiers from novice to advanced, a good place to start is with exercises that you can do at home such as wall sits, lunges and exercises that build core strength such as planks. A few weeks later, work up up to a circuit-style routine that includes body weight lunges, jumping jacks, jump squats, and incorporate light weights.  More advanced skiers who plan on attacking the back bowls and off piste territory should consider a workout that focuses on building strength and endurance at least a month before you plan to start the season. Ideally, you should go to a gym where you can use the elliptical, stationary bicycles, dumbbells, benches and medicine balls.
Kathy Smith from has compiled a 6-week workout routine for skiers and snowboarders.
Have an awesome ski season and avoid injuries by staying fit and keeping healthy. And if you do get injured, Reboundwear is here to help.

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