Having Alzheimer’s or dementia does not mean that you are completely debilitated, physically or mentally. Having Alzheimer’s or dementia also does not mean that you’ve lost your sense of fashion, you can no longer tell what’s comfortable, or you can’t tell what’s stylish and what’s not. In At the Heart of Alzheimer’s author Carol Simpson recommends simplifying the task by hanging only a couple of items in the closet. As she also mentions, in the early stages of the disease, the more patients can do for themselves, the more relaxed and content they’ll be as they still have some independence.

Getting dressed in the morning is considered to be a fundamental “getting ready” activity, something that has been ingrained in our daily routine since before we can remember. Not only are clothes a way of expressing your personal style, they are a way of proving to yourself and the world that you are still a functioning member of society. While we don’t always want to admit it, and sometimes can’t help it, we judge people by the way they look.

When your parent, grandparent, mother-in-law, husband, friend starts to rely on you more and more, you’re going to want to preserve their dignity as long as possible, and this includes making sure they look and feel their best. The Alzheimer’s Society has published some tips on their website that they believe are the most beneficial in the dressing process, and those include:

  1. Giving the person choice. This could include asking them what they want to wear that day, having them pick between a few different options, etc.
  2. Don’t set them up for failure. Make sure all clean clothes aren’t inside out, and have all buttons, fasteners, etc. attached.
  3. Label drawers to make the step by step process easier. If possible have clothes organized in such a way that they can start picking from the “inside out,” for example starting with socks and underwear and ending with a jacket.

This is a period of adjustment, meaning that the clothes your loved one previously owned may no longer be sufficient for their current needs. Some pieces that you could start to implement into their wardrobe are Reboundwear™ clothes. Reboundwear™ apparel is athleisure wear with a purpose. With strategically-located zippers, they make getting dressed by yourself easy, and are even more useful for those who are helping people get dressed. Reboundwear clothing is chic and comfortable, and we use super soft fabrics in on-trend colors that keep your loved ones feeling, and looking, like themselves. You don’t need to fall victim to frumpy nightgowns and baggy sweatpants, and instead can provide your loved one with a fashionable, yet still comfortable, alternative.


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