According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, over 2.5 million Americans are currently living with an artificial hip. With the percentage of patients aged 45-64 having gone up 123% in 2014, the simple fact is that hip replacements are becoming more and more common among generations of Americans who wish to stay active. More likely than not, you know someone who will need an artificial hip in their lifetime, chances are, so could you.

Bimla Picot, CEO and founder of  Reboundwear™, went through this exact experience with her own mother, who required hip replacement surgery. She struggled to find post-surgical apparel that was both comfortable, stylish, and most importantly, practical for recovery.

New York City hospitals are some of the best in the world, and do an amazing job of preparing you for any surgery, no matter how big or small. World-renowned health care professionals at these hospitals provide patients with informative pre-op classes and extensive packets on how to prepare, what to expect, and how to recover.  Tips include detailed guides on what to eat, how to handle your medication load, and a comprehensive recovery timeline.  In most materials though, there is no mention of what to wear pre or post surgery, how to stay most comfortable, and how not to become re-injured by dressing while unstable.  Typically, the patient is told to wear loose clothing.  Unless you are like Houdini, however, getting in and out of regular clothing after hip replacement surgery is very difficult.

We’ve seen your comments and questions on various forums, blogs, and support websites, regarding what to wear after your surgery, and now it’s our turn to help give you some answers.

Reboundwear™ clothes are athleisure wear with a purpose.  With strategically-located zippers, they make getting dressed easy for people who are recovering from various medical procedures such as hip replacement surgery, rotator cuff surgery, or a broken leg.   Our tops and bottoms can be zipped and wrapped  around your body to accommodate casts, slings, braces, splints, and boots. No more struggling to get your clothes on after an injury or surgery! Reboundwear™ clothing is chic and comfortable so you will look your best while you’re on the mend.  Proudly made in the USA and designed in NYC, we use super soft fabrics in on-trend colors.  When healing from a surgical procedure, you may be headed to physical or occupational therapy and will have follow-up visits with your doctor. Reboundwear is perfect for these sessions because they allow direct access to all parts of the body without undressing, helping to maintain modesty for the patient.  Our innovative utility-patented zipper design technology allows access to just the injury site for examination, icing, or  manual therapy. While you are on the mend get REBOUNDWEAR – LOOK GREAT. FEEL BETTER ™

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