According to an article published in Greatist by Amy Eisinger earlier this week, compression clothing is making its way to being one of the key influencers in athletic performance. While watching the Superbowl, you saw almost every player on the field sporting some kind of compression piece, whether it be socks, shirts, or pants. And it’s not just limited to football; we commonly see basketball players, marathon runners etc. sporting knee high socks, tight sleeves, and calf hugging leggings. While the idea of “tight,” clothing certainly isn’t new,  the idea of tight clothing benefiting athletic performance has been developed fairly recently. Robert Gotlin, D.O., the director of orthopedic and sports rehabilitation at Mount Sinai Beth Israel explains that stockings, in the medical sense, “were made so that there is more pressure lower [on the leg], and less farther up.” From this principle, we can conclude that if garments increase blood flow, maybe they could help athletes perform better.

As an athlete, you are susceptible to injuries at all times, not matter how long you’ve been training for, how often you stretch, and the amount of water you drink. While there are most certainly precautionary measures you can take to avoid injuring yourself, once the inevitable happens, you should be prepared to get back on your game as soon as possible. Reboundwear™ is a line of adaptive athletic wear with strategically-located zippers to making dressing easier for those with injuries or recovering from surgery.  Some of our styles combine compression elements in a comfortable and non restrictive, yet still form fitting and stylish, garment. While you are on the mend get REBOUNDWEAR – LOOK GREAT. FEEL BETTER ™

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